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Rigid Plank XL range features extra-long wide planks that are silent underfoot with a highly slip resistant surface. The Rigid Plank XL is the perfect selection for any home as it is fully waterproof and resistant to scratches and indentations. The planks are also fitted with an integrated acoustic underlay that allows the 5G click planks to be easily installed on a number of surfaces.

Rigid Plank XL is a trouble free flooring solution that incorporates our proprietary Quantum Core Limestone 100% water proof structure, which is resistant to fluctuation of Australia’s harsh climate. Able to withstand direct heat, extreme cold and with the lowest expansion rates. Rigid Plank XL is a perfect solution for our modern indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

Cleaning is a breeze with Rigid Planks XL, 100% waterproof moppable surface – dry or wet maintenance is perfectly acceptable, the choice is yours. Not only is Rigid Plank XL a high performance floor we have meticulously chosen our flooring designs to be ‘true to nature.’ Every plank is hand selected to give you the most beautiful colours and grain structures that combine to recreate the perfect timber floor.

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Rigid Planks are fully waterproof with a moppable surface

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Fade resistant

Rigid Plank features colourfast print that will not fade in the sun

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It's pre-adhered acoustic backing is quiet and comfortable

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Slip resistant

Rigid Plank is anti-slip certified providing a safe surface

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Quantum Core

It's quantum core provides strength under all temperatures

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Easy installation

Rigid Plank's click system is easy to install and requires no glue

Waterproof Scotia

Our brochure offers a comprehensive guide to our Rigid Plank XL flooring collection. View or download our brochure today.

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With it’s range of popular tones in an easy to install format, Rigid Plank XL is a popular choice for homeowners. 

11 Reasons why Rigid Plank XL is the best in the market

waterproof scotia

1. Perfectly Colour Matched Waterproof Scotia

Made by Proline Floors in Australia using the Rigid Plank colour scheme. The scotia is perfectly colour matched and 100% waterproof. Each scotia comes in a 2400mm length completing the look with its matching counterpart rigid flooring.

2. BCI Compliant P3 Rated Slip Resistant Matching Stair Nosing

Made by Proline Floors in Australia from Rigid Planks. Perfectly matching stylish square stair nosings with P3 slip rating. Certified compliant with the new BCI standards for use in all new builds across Australia. They come in 1500mm length and are glued directly to the stair case.

3. 100% Waterproof Flooring

Rigid Planks are 100% waterproof, moppable surface, dry or wet maintenance is perfectly acceptable, the choice is yours. Other products such as water resistant laminates claim to be water proof but will absorb water as they are made from wood which naturally absorbs water due to its cellular structure. Rigid plank is made from a combination of PVC and Limestone which both are 100% waterproof. The floor can be submersed in water for any period of time without absorbing any water.

4. Colour Fast Inks

We use only high quality colourfast inks that are rated 40% higher than the European standard for colourfastness. This ensures that our designs are highly resistant to fading when exposed to the harsh Australian sun.

5. Surface is Rated P3 Anti-Slip

Rigid Plank Surface is rated P3 slip resistant which conforms to the new BCA slip ratings standard. Unlike other manufacturers Rigid Plank uses the HPF (High Pressure Fusion Process) so we can achieve a deeper embossing which equates to higher anti slip rating. A great way to test antslip resistance is to walk on the floor wearing socks. When wearing socks on Rigid Plank the floor surface produces plenty of grip. Competitors products made using ILP have a lower slip resistant surface that may be considered dangerous. Especially when you consider that the floor is being sold as waterproof hence there will be many situations when the floor is wet. Rigid plank is a perfect solution for families with young children or elderly parents looking for a safe anti slip flooring solution. Think safety floor when customers are looking for waterproof solutions.

6. Beware ILP – In Line Lamination Process

This is a new process that many of our competitors are using. This process lowers the cost of rigid core production and also lowers the cost of the plank. Unfortunately, the stability of the end product is questionable. Although the finished product resembles rigid plank, the ILP planks weakest link is the bonding adhesion strength of the rigid core and decorative layer. There is no fusion layer or glue to permanently bond the two layers together. The top can be separated from the core using only a fingernail, as you would peel the corner away from a sticker. The other real concern is how these planks will react to the swings in temperature. There have been reports already of ILP planks delaminating in the Australian market. Buyers beware.

7. HPF – High Pressure Fusion Process

Rigid Plank is manufactured using our proprietary High Pressure Hot Fusion Process. This proprietary process is the gold standard for rigid core production. The planks are pressed under high pressure and temperature activating the fusion layers which fuses the quantum core, decorative film and surface wear layer into one solid component. The planks are then water cooled in a annealing line to perfectly balance the planks to prevent warping. Under this process the top layers can never be separated from the core under any conditions. This method, even though the most expensive, was chosen to ensure Rigid plank can handle the extreme temperature swings of the harsh Australian Climate. This process is capital intensive and requires huge investments in factory space and equipment and can only be produced by the largest and most successful factories with decades of experience in vinyl floor chemistry and production.

8. 4 x Colour Film Print Process

Very detailed grain structures with close to photo realism print.

9. Natural Wood Grain Embossing

Rigid plank has a unique natural wood grain embossing in an on trend matt finish. The non reflective surface not only looks great but hides dust and dirt well and is great for young busy families.

10. Quantum Core

Rigid Planks core is a marvel of modern chemistry. The proprietary formulation of the quantum core enables the planks be 100% waterproof, stays rigid under high temperatures, and also have an extremely low expansion rate of 1mm per lineal metre (20 to 60 C). which at time of testing was the lower rate in the industry. This enables you to install Rigid Plank flooring in most residential projects with no internal expansion joints. NB: perimeter expansion gaps of 10mm+ are still required as the floor still has movement under changing temperatures. Rigid Planks is not effected by humidity.

11. Acoustic Rating to 5 Star

Every plank has a pre-adhered underlay for excellent acoustic and underfoot comfort. Beats the BCA (Building Code of Australia) minimum standard by 30%. Achieves 42 L'nTw test result.

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