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About Genero Coastal Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring

Genero Coastal Loose Lay Flooring is the culmination of years of research and development which brings to you the best of engineering and design. We have sourced timber from around the globe for this incredible collection. Our designers have obsessed over the colour, texture and grain variation of each individual plank to bring you the absolute best design possible.

Genero Coastal Loose Lay Flooring has been manufactured specifically to endure the harsh Australian climate. Our iQ+ core utilises cutting edge materials to withstand expansion during our hot summers and to resist contraction throughout our cold winters.

During scientific testing, Genero Coastal Loose Lay Flooring Flooring outperformed all of the current loose lay planks in the market. Results show that Genero Coastal Loose Lay Flooring is 5 times more dimensionally stable than the nearest performing product in this category.

Not only does Genero Coastal Loose Lay Flooring perform in a wide variety of climates, we have also incorporated high-end anti fade inks that are rated 40% higher than the European standard. This ensures that the floor will resist fading during the harsh Australian summer.

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Genero Coastal Flooring are 100% waterproof and moppable, perfect for wet areas

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Heat resistant

Genero Coastal Flooring is designed specifically for Australia's harsh climate

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Acoustic sound absorption

Genero Coastal Flooring planks are quiet and comfortable, perfect for apartments

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Slip resistant

Genero Coastal Flooring is anti-slip certified providing a safe surface

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Smart composite core

Genero Coastal Flooring high-tech Intelligent core for unsurpassed stability

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Easy installation

Genero Coastal Flooring vinyl properties makes it easy and quick to install




Download the Genero Coastal Loose Lay Flooring Colour Selector Brochure.

Our brochure offers a comprehensive guide to our Genero Coastal Loose Lay flooring collection. View or download our brochure today.

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With it’s range of popular tones in an easy to install format, Genero Coastal Flooring is a popular choice for homeowners. 


11 Reasons why Genero Coastal Flooring is the best in the market

1. BCI Compliant P3 Rated Slip Resistant Matching Stair Nosing

Made by Proline Floors in Australia from luxury loose lay vinyl. Perfectly matching stylish square stair nosings with P3 slip rating. Certified compliant with the new BCI standards for use in all new builds across Australia. They come in 1500mm length and are glued directly to the stair case.

2. 100% Waterproof Flooring

Genero Coastal planks are 100% waterproof, moppable surface, dry or wet maintenance is perfectly acceptable, the choice is yours. Other products such as water resistant laminates claim to be water proof but will absorb water as they are made from wood which naturally absorbs water due to its cellular structure. Genero Coastal planks is made from a combination of PVC and Limestone which both are 100% waterproof. The floor can be submersed in water for any period of time without absorbing any water.

3. Next GEN Technology – Best Dimensional Stability in the Market

Genero Coastal planks utilises cutting-edge material science to enhance performance. The hallmark of a great vinyl plank is in its ability to resist thermal expansion and contraction. Using a combination of advanced fibreglass layers and anti thermal compounds that shrink when heated and expand when cooled, we have achieved the highest stability to date. The test shows that Genero Coastal planks has a dimensional stability rating of 0.02% This result is the best dimensional stability in the market.

4. Smart Composite Core

High-tech intelligent core for unsurpassed stability

5. Ultra Heat Resistant

Designed specifically for Australia’s harsh climate

Genero Coastal colour fast inks

6. Colour Fast Inks

We use only high quality colourfast inks that are rated 40% higher than the European standard for colourfastness. This ensures that our designs are highly resistant to fading when exposed to the harsh Australian sun.

7. Surface is Rated P3 Anti-Slip

Genero Coastal planks surface is rated P3 slip resistant which conforms to the new BCA slip ratings standard. Unlike other manufacture Genero Coastal planks uses the HPF (High Pressure Fusion Process) so we can achieve a deeper embossing which equates to higher anti slip rating. A great way to test anti-slip resistance is to walk on the floor wearing socks. When wearing socks Proline Loose Lay floor surface produces plenty of grip. Competitors products made using ILP have a lower slip resistant surface that may be considered dangerous. Especially when you consider that the floor is being sold as waterproof hence there will be many situations when the floor is wet. Genero Coastal planks is a perfect solution for families with young children or elderly parents looking for a safe anti slip flooring solution. Think safety floor when customers are looking for waterproof solutions.

8. Natural Wood Grain Embossing

Genero Coastal floors have a unique natural wood grain embossing matt finish. The non reflective surface not only looks great but hides dust and dirt well and is great for young busy families. Commercial grade wear layer of 0.55mm

9. Acoustic Rating to 5 Star

Genero Coastal planks surface has a slip rating of P3, achieving 44 L’nTw. Proline Loose Lay can be used on any high-rise apartment and beats BCA minimum Acoustic Standards (62 L’nTw) by 30%.

10. European Inspired Colours

We have sourced timber from around the globe for this incredible collection. Our designers have obsessed over the colour, texture and grain variation of each individual plank to bring you the absolute best design possible. Selected from the finest European oaks, this exquisite collection of six pre-finished vinyl planks will inspire you to create interiors that exude warmth and charact

11. Australian Inspired Colours

Enjoy the timeless elegance and character of two Australia’s classic hardwood colours. Blackbutt typifies the coastal lifestyle and Spotted Gum is a premium native hardwood species which will enhance any living space.

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