Laminate floor maintenance

All laminate floors will show wear over time depending on the traffic and how it is cleaned and maintained. The guidelines below will help ensure your laminate floor will stay looking its best for many to years to come.

How to clean your laminate floor

Clean regularly

Clean regularly with a soft bristle vacuum, broom or dry microfiber mop to remove the dirt, grit and debris

Approved floor cleaner

Use a laminate approved floor cleaner, not a soap based detergent when cleaning. Specially formulated laminate cleaners will help keep your floors original character. You should not leave moisture behind the mopped area, this should be almost dry

Clean spills

Do not use a steam mop

Preventative maintenance


  • Place mats outside and inside entry doors, wipe your shoes on those mats before entering. Do not use mats with a rubber backing

  • Protective pads under the legs of furniture are suggested, chairs with hard castors may damage the surface wear layer of your laminate floor

  • Avoid waxing, polishing, sanding or lacquering your laminate floor as it already has a protective finish

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