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Unrivaled Dimensional Stability: Elevating Your Flooring Experience

The Science Behind Our QLAY 5.0 Plank’s Impressive Performance

Pioneering Performance through Innovative Materials. In the realm of vinyl flooring, stability reigns supreme. The ability to seamlessly navigate temperature-induced expansion and contraction is the hallmark of excellence, ensuring that your flooring remains impeccable throughout changing conditions. Without this stability, challenges such as unsightly gaps, buckling, and compromised aesthetics can emerge. Our breakthrough lies in achieving the industry’s utmost stability, made possible through the integration of cutting-edge fibreglass layers and revolutionary anti-thermal compounds. These advanced elements respond dynamically, contracting under heat and expanding under cooling conditions, ensuring a flooring experience that remains steadfast in the face of environmental fluctuations.


Dimensional Stability Test
This test measures the plank’s ability to keep its original dimensions
The product is heated to 80 degrees celsius for 6 hours.
Measurements are taken before and after heating.
This test shows that QLAY 5.0 NextGEN plank has a dimensional
stability rating of 0.02%
This result is the best dimensional stability in the market.

Thermal Expansion Test
This test measures the change in length the plank will experience when heated from a cold state. It simulates the effects that real-world temperature changes will have on the plank’s dimensions during a day.

Let's highlight the advantages of using your new QLAY 5.0 plank with its industry-leading stability and exceptionally low expansion and contraction rates:

QLAY 5.0 plank is a revolutionary vinyl flooring product that boasts an impressive expansion rate of only 0.22mm per meter when subjected to temperature changes from 20 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius. In comparison, the average expansion rate for competitors’ vinyl planks is around 1mm per meter under the same conditions.

Enhanced Stability:
The exceptionally low expansion and contraction rates of QLAY 5.0 plank ensure outstanding stability. With minimal dimensional changes, the flooring is far less susceptible to issues like gapping, buckling, or edge curling, even in extreme temperature fluctuations.

Reduced Risk of Adhesive Bond Failure:
The consistent and minimal expansion and contraction of QLAY 5.0 plank contribute to a robust and reliable adhesive bond. This reduces the risk of adhesive failure, ensuring that the planks remain securely attached to the subfloor over time.

Ease of Installation:
Installers will appreciate the ease of working with QLAY 5.0 plank, as its industry-leading stability simplifies the installation process. The reduced need for expansion gaps and careful accommodation for temperature changes allows for a smoother and faster installation.

Long-Term Durability:
The exceptional dimensional stability of QLAY 5.0 plank translates to a longer-lasting flooring solution. Homeowners can expect a floor that maintains its original appearance and structural integrity over many years, with minimal maintenance required.

Enhanced Aesthetics:
With minimal expansion and contraction, the QLAY 5.0 preserves its sleek and seamless appearance, maintaining a consistent, refined look over time.

Watch the Thermal Co Efficient Rate Compared to Competitors Video by Director Matthew Casaceli

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