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Captivating Pattern Variations: Redefining Flooring Aesthetics

What is a pattern repeat?

Vinyl flooring is a type of resilient flooring that comes in large sheets or planks. It is popular due to its durability, ease of maintenance, and the ability to mimic the appearance of other flooring materials like wood, stone, or tile. When you mention “pattern repeats,” it refers to the repetition of a particular design or pattern within the vinyl flooring.

When comparing pattern repeats in different vinyl flooring products, you can use square metres (m²) as a unit to rate how big the pattern repeat is. The goal is to determine how frequently the pattern repeats over a specific area, as this will impact the overall visual appearance of the floor.

Compare Different Products:

By performing the same calculations for other vinyl flooring products, you can compare how many times the pattern will repeat within the same area. A smaller pattern repeat means the pattern will repeat more frequently, while a larger pattern repeat will result in less repetition and more diverse and natural appearance.

Beyond Standard:

Embracing the Quadruple Size for Nature-Inspired Realism

Proline Floors boasts an impressive film size of 4.9 meters, setting it apart as four times larger than the conventional industrial standard. The outcome is a captivating fusion of patterns and natural color tones that mirror the beauty found in nature.

( Industry Standard )

Proline Floors - QLAY 5.0
( 4 x Industry Standard )

Watch the Pattern Repeat Video by Director Matthew Casaceli

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