5 Primary Reasons Why People Choose Vinyl Floors

Homeowners, builders, interior designers, and architects love vinyl floors. Vinyl offers many options since the flooring comes in a broad range of patterns, textures, and colours. The popularity of vinyl flooring in today’s modern world has risen because the quality of vinyl has improved by leaps and bounds. Check out just a few reasons why so many people choose vinyl flooring for their projects.

  1. Won’t Break the Bank

Vinyl flooring is an excellent budget-friendly option because you get a high-end look without breaking the bank. For example, you can enjoy the look of hardwood floors without the sky-high costs of raw materials and installation by using vinyl planks. More importantly, vinyl floors offer long-term value because of their ability to repel water, stains, and scratches. But when it comes to vinyl, don’t associate its lower costs with being cheap. Vinyl flooring comes in low- to high-end ranges based on the materials and designs used, so there’s a choice for every budget. The affordable price of vinyl flooring doesn’t equate to shoddy quality, either.

Typically, vinyl floors come in three types: sheet, tiles, or planks. They offer different style options that serve as a cost-efficient alternative to stone or wood flooring. Above all, vinyl gives your space a stylish and sophisticated vibe without the price tag sticker shock. Easy installation also cuts down on the associated labour costs.

  1. Easy-to-Install

Vinyl comes in easy-to-install sheets, tiles, and planks. Some manufacturers even sell DIY kits for those who want to try doing their own home improvement projects. This is one way to reduce expenses if you’re handy and know your way around flooring installations.

Fortunately, even if you choose professional services, installing vinyl is not as tricky as using ceramic tiles, natural stone, wood, etc. The pros use two fuss-free options to install vinyl floors: the floating floor or glue-down methods. There’s no need to rip out existing flooring to install vinyl floors in some cases, such as properties with smooth cement or tile floors. This means there’s less mess, and the project can be finished much faster, which is more convenient for you and your family.

  1. Enjoy Water-Resistant Features

Vinyl floors are made with innovative tech, making them completely waterproof. They’re a perfect choice for any room, including bathrooms and kitchens, because you don’t have to worry about water damage. Everyone knows shiny hardwood floors warp and lose their shine with constant exposure to wetness. If you choose vinyl floors, you can enjoy the wood look without fretting over any potential damage.

Vinyl is also the way to go when you don’t want to worry about contraction or expansion of materials (and even the cement in tiles does that). Vinyl flooring is made with PVC backing that’s impervious to moisture. This makes vinyl an excellent option for any part of your house since it reduces the chances of water damage. This hassle-free flooring means you don’t have to obsess over wet footprints, muddy paws, wet backpacks, spills, and more.

  1. Known For Durability and Fuss-Free Maintenance

Vinyl flooring is also perfect for homes and commercial spaces because tiles and planks can endure heavy foot traffic. For example, even if you have a busy home with rambunctious kids and pets, you don’t have to worry about scratches, tears, or dents. Vinyl is thick and sturdy, ensuring durability and longevity. You can get your money’s worth when you upgrade to vinyl floors.

Advancement in vinyl manufacturing technology keeps the quality of vinyl flooring at a high standard. With proper installation and cleaning, your vinyl floor investment can last for 20 years. Moreover, there is no need to re-sand, polish, or re-grout vinyl floors, unlike natural hardwood and stone floors. You can sweep or mop the floor regularly and the vinyl flooring will look as good as new for years to come.

  1. Wide Array of Options to Work With

One of the biggest appeals of vinyl flooring is the vast range of options available. Vinyl flooring comes in a wide array of patterns, designs, textures, and colours. The tiles and planks are imprinted with wood or stone surfaces, making it impossible to tell vinyl from the real deal.

This allows you to enjoy the look of wood or stone while reaping the benefits of vinyl, such as its water resistance. For instance, you can now enjoy the appearance of wood in your kitchen, a space where you traditionally cannot put wood floors because of spills and high foot traffic.

Cutting-edge manufacturing has made it possible for consumers to enjoy flooring in natural textures without compromising durability or worrying about longevity. The vast selection of vinyl flooring designs provide unparalleled aesthetics, making vinyl a truly versatile option that can work in any space.

Choosing New Floors? Speak with a Pro

The benefits of vinyl flooring are unquestionable. That’s why it’s no wonder these floors are all the rage these days. When deciding what to get for your project, your decisions should hinge on what makes the most sense for your space. You will also factor in the look, durability, and price.

Going with vinyl flooring for your property is a sensible decision you won’t regret. Thick vinyl flooring is highly versatile for homes and businesses alike. Get the feel and look of natural stone or wood without the hefty price tag, complicated installation, and difficult maintenance. If you’re unsure what to get, you can also request samples from a reputable supplier to make a sound decision you won’t regret.

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